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As we begin our 128th year in business, we are excited to share some important news about our company’s evolution. 

 “We’ve been known as PB&T for years, it’s time to make it official. After being around for 128 years, we decided it was time for change and modernization. We believe that our new brand, PB&T Bank, will reflect this. We are very excited for this change and the opportunities that come with it.” President & CEO, Mickey Moore
We still remain locally owned and operated. You will find the same local people making local decisions at all of our branches. During the coming months you will see a redesigned website and changes at our locations. 

Beginning Jan 23, 2018, PBANDT.COM will become PBANDT.BANK. 

Why are we changing?

.bank is a trusted, verified and more secure, internet domain for banks. It is an easily identifiable channel for trusted communications between banks and their customers.  Aside from being a closer match to our new name, PB&T Bank is invested in making customer’s online experiences as safe and enjoyable as possible.  When customers access the .bank domain, they can know they are visiting a verified and legitimate bank website on a secure connection. Cyber criminals are unable to duplicate the website on a similar .bank domain. Enhanced encryption also ensures security of communication over the internet and helps prevent eavesdropping, data tampering etc.
More information on .bank can be found here:

What happens if I go to instead of

If you go to you will automatically be redirected to This change will take effect on January 23rd 2018.

Will e-mail addresses also change?

Yes.  All PB&T Bank email addresses will be migrated to Any email sent to, will be automatically forwarded to the new address. By changing domains, we will be using enhanced email authentication which helps ensure e-mail appearing to be from PB&T Bank really is from PB&T Bank. This additional security helps prevent phishing, and other malicious activities.

Why haven’t other local banks started using .bank?

PB&T Bank is invested in making sure that security is one of our top priorities. To accomplish this we are making sure to utilize this new technology as soon as possible. We believe other banks will begin using .bank in the near future.


What will the new website look like?

The new website will resemble the screenshot below:

Screenshot of new website