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NACHA Rule Changes

All ACH originators are required to follow the NACHA rules. If you originate with us, your contract binds you to the NACHA rules.

For your convenience, please find summary information on recent and upcoming changes below:

Establishing an Inquiry Process for Administrative and Overall Debit Return Rates | Effective: 2015-09-18
This Rule establishes a guideline for an Originator's administrative return rate of 3 percent or below of the total Entries originated. The guideline applies to debit Entries returned due to administrative or account data errors (Return Reason Codes R02, R03 and R04). Additionally, this Rule also establishes an acceptable guideline for an Originator's overall debit Entry return rate of 15 percent or below of the total Entries originated (excluding RCK entries). Return rates that exceed... Read More
Reducing the Unauthorized Return Rate Threshold | Effective: 2015-09-18
This Amendment to the Rules reduces the current return rate threshold for unauthorized debit Entries (Return Reason Codes R05, R07, R10, R29 and R51) from 1.0 percent to 0.5 percent of the total Entries originated.
Reinitiation of Debit Entries | Effective: 2015-09-18
Reinitiation is the method permitted in the Rules to resubmit a returned Entry. The NACHA Rules now formally define the types of Entries that may be reinitiated, and those that are prohibited from reinitiation. This new Rule requires a reinitiated Entry to contain identical content in the following fields: Company Name, Company ID, and Amount. The Rules permit modification of other fields only to the extent necessary to correct an error or facilitate processing of an Entry. This change... Read More
Dishonored Returns and Contested Dishonored Returns Related to an Unintended Credit to a Receiver | Effective: 2015-03-20
Provides an originator/ODFI with an additional mechanism to resolve, via the automated return process, situations in which use of the reversal process has resulted in, or not resolved, an unintended credit to the receiver. Establishes new dishonor return reason code for ODFI Return (R62-Return of Erroneous or Reversing Debit) to dishonor the return of an erroneous debit or the reversal, provided that the associated credit entry (the reversal or the erroneous credit) was not also returned... Read More
Notification of Change (NOC) – Removal of Change Code C04 (Incorrect Individual Name/Receiving Company Name) | Effective: 2015-03-20
This Amendment eliminates the use of change code C04 (Incorrect Individual Name/Receiving Company Name) on NOC Entries to mitigate compliance and liability challenges for Originators, ODFIs and RDFIs that use this NOC code.
Clarification on Prenotification Entries and Addenda Records | Effective: 2015-01-01
This Rule revises the NACHA Operating Rules to clarify that, with the exception of an IAT (International ACH Transaction) Entry, the Prenote Entry does not need to include addenda records that are associated with the subsequent live Entry. The Rules require that the format of a Prenote Entry be the same as the live Entry. There are, however, some differences between Prenotes and live Entries to which the Prenote relate: The dollar amount of a Prenote Entry must be zero... Read More
NACHA Enforcement Authority | Effective: 2015-01-01
This new Rule adds more options for which NACHA may begin an initial investigation or Rules enforcement proceeding when an entity originates an excessive number of unauthorized Entries. This could result in increased investigations of Originator activity, and could ultimately result in fines passed on to those Originators.   NOTE: We suggest that you review existing NACHA Rules regarding authorization requirements pertaining to originating ACH Entries to ensure your organization's... Read More
Third Party Senders (TSPs) – Originator and Third Party Service Provider (TSPSs) audits required upon request by NACHA | Effective: 2015-01-01
This Rule makes explicit a Third Party Sender's existing obligation to monitor, assess and enforce limitations on their customer's origination and return activities in the same manner as the Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) does today. The Rule also requires that a Third Party Service Provider or Third Party Sender provide proof of completion of its Rules compliance audit to its ODFI upon request, in order to fulfill a request from NACHA. Failure to comply with this... Read More
Alignment of Audit Requirement with Rules – Proof of Authorization | Effective: 2014-09-19
Expands the current audit requirement for ODFIS by requiring an ODFI to verify that it provides the RDFI with proof authorization or originator contact information for CCD, CTX and IAT entries to non-consumer accounts.
Prenotification Entries | Effective: 2014-09-19
Reduction in Waiting Period for Live Entries - reduces the current six banking day waiting period between the initiation of a prenotification and "live' entries for originators choosing to originate prenotes. It also clarifies the originator's obligations with respect to a notification of change (NOC) received in response to a prenote.